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My name is Chetan Pinto. I’m passionate about education especially collaborative learning based on the concept of Multiple Intelligences. I believe that formal education should be about creative exploration, experiential learning and intellectual development in a collaborative learning environment and the present system of education is anything but that. Therefore I’m focused on the areas of education and training.

For me though, training is not just about education related areas like teacher training. I’m passionate about training companies and employees on how to-

  • deliver better customer/user experience,
  • team leadership and efective delegation of responsibilities and
  • Increasing employee motivation with a sense of higher purpose either through the company’s core values or through genuine corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that employees can be passionate about and be truly proud of.

These primarily stem from my interest in philosophy and the belief that our personal and professional life need not be at odds but can complement each other. I strongly feel that any company that does not work towards creating a great work-life balance cannot hope for progress in innovation and R& D, productiviy increase or provide a great customer experience. Moreover, such companies need not be surprised if they find it hard to attract new talent and even lose existing talent!

My other interest areas are Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence and they complement my core interests of education and business training.

My blog, ‘A Simple Soul’Ideas for personal and professional growth is an extension of the views and ideas I’m passionate about. I believe in the concept of life-long learning and no area is off limits to me. Therefore you may find that my blog will feature views from areas as diverse as brain science, psychology, economics, particle physics and astronomy, politics, management and philosophy all related some how to the theme of ‘Ideas for personal and professional growth’.

It’s my firm belief that all these different domains converge and diverge from a central point which for me is the spirit of enquiry spurred on by thinking and curiosity. This I feel, is the primary purpose of human life.

I like to live my life in ‘perpetual beta’ and this blog has been a great learning experience for me. I hope it will prove useful to you too!

Interested? I recommend the Zen Zeitgeist section to begin with.

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