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Listed below is a selection of my most popular posts from all categories:

Sibling Rivalry

Contradiction and Contra-Addiction

Boredom is Death! Go, get a life!

Increasing employee engagement through the 80-20 principle

Encouraging Random Acts of Kindness

What Is Really Preventing Women’s Career Progress?

Cheating is also Doing Things Differently!

Top Four tips to improve your English speaking and writing

Free Programs to Make Your Computer Faster, Virusfree and Secure

The School Principal: A Management Professional on Steroids!

How To Avoid Google’s Personalised Search without using Bing?

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About Chetan Pinto
My name is Chetan Pinto. I’m a Professional Training and Education specialist. This blog, ‘A Simple Soul’ is a free resource that seeks to share quality ideas for thinking better and doing more. I like to live my life in perpetual beta and this blog has been a great learning experience for me. I hope it will prove useful to you too!

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