Sibling Rivalry


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Sibling Rivalry

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My name is Chetan Pinto. I’m a Professional Training and Education specialist. This blog, ‘A Simple Soul’ is a free resource that seeks to share quality ideas for thinking better and doing more. I like to live my life in perpetual beta and this blog has been a great learning experience for me. I hope it will prove useful to you too!

One Response to Sibling Rivalry

  1. classywithatwist says:

    I have three brothers but we’ve never had the sibling rivalry issue that I always hear about. I think I’m just lucky. From what I’ve witnessed the rivalry issues come from competitive families. We are not competitive, we also don’t really care about sports. We are all very different, some of us are logical, some of us are creative, some are book savvy and some aren’t. We rarely (very rarely) don’t get along and thrive on humor and awkwardness.

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